Demo of Integration for Microsoft Outlook for Hyland OnBase

Microsoft Outlook integration for OnBase allows users to capture and import emails and attachments directly from Outlook. Once captured and indexed, OnBase links emails and supporting documents to existing account information and automatically adds them to critical business processes and workflows.

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This demonstration video, we’re going to look at several key features of integration for Microsoft Outlook from Hyland, including importing and retrieving documents, adding documents to and retrieving documents from workflow, generating new documents and finally, attaching documents to an email and sending them externally. Let’s begin.

We begin with Microsoft Outlook open to our inbox. We have an emailed job application from Sam Hastings. We’re going to bring this Email and its’ attachment into Onbase for human resources review. To do this, we’ll leverage integration from Microsoft Outlook’s automated indexing feature, which has been configured on the resume’s development folder. I’ll simply select Sam’s email and drag and drop it into the development folder. The Onbase thin client will now capture and automatically index this email, along with the attachment. Once this process is complete, we are notified by a popup.

The next step in this process is to retrieve the document from Onbase. To do this, I’ll access the Onbase tab in Microsoft Outlook and click on the retrieval button. Once the client loads, I’ll select Human Resources from the document types and groups dropdown. Then, I’ll select HR cover letter from the list. This updates the keywords and date range search fields. I’ll enter Sam Hastings name in the name field and click ‘find’ to perform the search.

The one cover letter from the imported email is returned. I’ll double-click that document to open. This opens the document, which is essentially the Email body.

By clicking the cross-reference button, I can display other documents for Sam, specifically the resume. I can double-click on the resume and view that document. Clicking the keywords button will display all important keys for this document, like name, applicant ID, Email and so forth.

Next, we’re going to look at the workflow features in integration for Microsoft Outlook. We being back at the Outlook client, with the Onbase tab selected. From here, I’ll click the ‘workflow’ button. The goal is to review the applicant’s resume and determine if we want to approve or reject their application for the position.

To do this, I’ll scroll down to the HR applicant ‘hire or reject’ life cycle. This shows us Sam’s resume. In the real world, we’d likely see multiple resumes here. But for the purposes of this demo, we’re going to focus just on Sam’s.

With the resume selected, we can see if there are any documents related to this application by selecting the ‘related items’ tab, next to the ‘life cycles’ tab. This displays three different documents. We could double-click on these to view them, but since we’re the ones who captured and already viewed these documents, I believe we’re ready to make a decision. I am going to hire Sam Hastings by clicking the ‘hire’ button. I’ll enter the appropriate salary, then click OK. Then I’ll enter the HR generalist’s name, which is Cindy Smith in this example. Then I’ll click OK again.

This launches the offer letter. I could review this letter to ensure everything is in order. As you can see, today’s date, the applicant’s name and starting salary were all entered automatically for me. Once I’m happy with the letter, I can click the ‘accept’ button.

Finally, I need to enter the employee ID for Sam. Once that is entered, I can click ‘import.’ After processing is compete, I can return to Microsoft Outlook.

This brings us to the final steps of our process. We now need to send the offer letter to Sam Hastings. I’ll begin back in Outlook by clicking ‘new Email’ from the ‘home’ tab. I’ll enter Sam’s Email address along with a subject relevant to this being an offer letter. I’ll also fill out the Email body with some basic information.

Now it’s time to attach the offer letter. I’ll do this by clicking the ‘attach from Onbase’ button, found here on the ‘home’ tab. I’ll select Human Resources from the ‘document type and groups’ dropdown and then find the HR offer letter document type. I’ll enter Sam Hastings in the name field, then click ‘find.’ This returns the single offer letter we generated earlier. I’ll select it and then click the ‘attach from Onbase’ button.

Assuming everything is in order, I can now click ‘send,’ completing this process.

This concludes our demonstration video on integration from Microsoft Outlook by Hyland.

Thank you.

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