Out-of-the-Box Invoice Processing with AP Agility for Kofax KTA

Kofax TotalAgility is a powerful workflow automation platform aimed at creating flexibility for complex business processes. AP Agility is a pre-packaged Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing solution automating OCR, extraction, verification, and invoice approvals within Kofax KTA. Combine this with deep, out-of-the-box ERP integration, and AP Agility is ready to take AP automation to the next level.

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Hi everyone, thanks for joining us for another RPI Consultants Webinar Wednesdays. Today we’re going to be talking about automating your invoice processing with AP Agility inside a Kofax KTA.

Before we get started we have a few housekeeping items. First is, of course, this slide deck will be sent to all attendees, so don’t feel like you have to take any screenshots or anything like that.

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Of course, we have someone standing by to take questions. Please feel free to use the questions pane inside of the go-to webinar panel to submit those questions and we’ll tackle those probably at the end.

Finally, we’re always looking for new content and new things present, so if you have new ideas for topics on additional webinars that you’d like to see us put something together for, please reach out and we’re happy to do so.

First, a look at our webinar schedule. This is the first of three webinars today. In the early afternoon we have a webinar on our email capture service, which is an RPI developed product, to facilitate the capture of emails and attachments, as well as allowing for greater flexibility in auditing and following those documents through your process.

Then later this afternoon, we have a webinar on Hyland’s OnBase, and specifically around the workflow. Showing what its capabilities are, how to create a simple workflow, that kind of thing.

Next month, August 1st, we have two webinars. In the morning, we have a testing best practices webinar, and that’s system agnostics. This is just general advice and best practices.

Then in the afternoon, we have a webinar on Brainware for transcripts. This is for automating the extraction off of high school and college transcripts for higher education institutions.

If you haven’t met me before, my name is John Marney, I’m the Manager of Solution Delivery here at RPI, on the imaging team. I have over eight years of experience implementing and designing and supporting OCR and Workflow Solutions. This is across many different platforms, ImageNow, Kofax, and OnBase.

I’ve specialized in accounts payable and financial process automation, specifically in health care industry and financial services.

I’m Richard Creavalle, I also have about eight years of experience in designing, implementing, supporting primarily Kofax products. I do have experience in other products, but Kofax is my specialty.

I also specialize in accounts payable in financial processes for healthcare and commercial organizations. I’m a senior consultant here at RPI.

Just a quick agenda, and what we’ll be walking through today. First, we’ll just start a little bit, and talk about RPI consultants and who we are, what we do.

Then we’ll do an overview of Kofax KTA, of Kofax Total Agility. Then we’ll dive in a little bit deeper into the AP Agility for KTA. We’ll touch a little bit on IP Agility, as well.

And then we’ll do a product demonstration, and then at the end we’ll do summary and questions.

It’s important to note that this all in the broader conversation of AP automation. Accounts payable automation is generally implementation of software and new processes in your department, to maximize your efficiency and the capture and processing of invoice and credit documents. All the way from when you receive the document, and how you receive the document, to the payment of said documents.

This generally includes OCR, so actually running the document through an OCR engine to extract information off of it. As well as a digital workflow and approvals.

However, the entire topic of AP automation is not really the focus of this particular webinar. We have many materials available and can definitely help that conversation. If you are interested in the benefits of AP automation, as well as interested in assistance in helping with the ORI of that type of implementation, please reach out.

Okay. First, just a quick bit about RPI consultants in general. We are eighty plus full-consultants, PM’s, developers, architects. We have our headquarters in Baltimore, we also have an office in Tampa, and your joining us here on a very hot day in Kansas City.

We focus primarily on Infor Lawson, we are partners with Infor Lawson Implementation and Services, as well as being partners with Hyland, which covers the OnBase products, the Perceptive products, and the Brainware product. As well as being partners with Kofax, which is primarily what we’re focusing on today.

Just a quick overview on KTA and what it is. KTA, it’s a highly-flexible platform. It’s really become the evolution of what Kofax Capture and KTM, or Kofax Transformation Module‘s been. It allows for a web-base, highly-scalable, highly-flexible platform.

It includes add-ons for analytics, AP Agility specifically does have the analytics included in the licensing of the package. Again, it combines the Capture, the intelligent OCR, the workflow, and content case management as well.

That’s Kofax Total Agility, which is a product. What we’re gonna be primarily focusing on is AP Agility, which is a solution that can be deployed inside of KTA.

AP Agility is, at it’s core, meant to be an out-of-the-box invoice processing workflow. It is, of course, customizable to suit your business needs. But the core idea is that you can perform data entry and data validation, perform any exception handling, of course, your general ledger coding, and approval routing. All out-of-the-box with minimal configuration.

Of course, one of the biggest things that I think that the AP Agility brings to the table is a really thorough approval matrix administration. All done through a really awesome user interface. Many approval matrixes are managed in a spreadsheet or in a database table right now, and it’s very manual and cumbersome. In AP Agility, they provide an interface for doing that and allows for things like, approval templates, approval exceptions, one-off items, and things like that.

Of course, at its core, there is an accounts payable workflow that is involved to facilitate the exception handling and approvals, and you can take all kinds of actions inside that workflow. Approve, reject, but also reassigning, increasing the priority, and things like that.

AP Agility is ECM and an ERP agnostic. That meaning that we can integrate with Lawson, PeopleSoft, SAP, no problem. But also, for the ECM content repository, could be ImageNow, could be OnBase, could be Box. It doesn’t really matter.

Finally, as Richard had said, it does have some out-of-the-box analytics. This allows you to have some really excellent reporting to improve your business process.

Just before we move on, I just wanted to give a difference between AP Agility and IP Agility. Also one more thing on AP Agility is that Kofax did release a product in AP Agility 1.0. This AP Agility 2.0 is a completely new product, it’s not something that you can upgrade 1.0 from. It’s a brand new product, and they just decided to keep the name and sunset the 1.0.

With AP Agility and IP Agility they’re two standalone products. I would say more so IP Agility is a standalone product, and then AP Agility and IP Agility work together. IP Agility or Invoice Processing Agility, what it does is that it takes that front end of the capture and getting all the extraction, the data, pulling your line items, your headers, your PO data, things like that, and doing your matches, things like that.

And that’s all it’s doing. It’s not worrying about the workflow, it’s not worrying about approvals, or anything like that. So if all you need is that upfront intelligence, then IP Agility is a great standalone product.

AP Agility now piggybacks on IP Agility’s data and then sends it along the way along your approval process for GL coding, any type of exceptions, approvals, reassignments, things like that. That’s the main difference between IP Agility and AP Agility, and we’ll touch on both momentarily.

Right. Just to simplify it further, IP Agility is your OCR, AP Agility is IP Agility plus Workflow. Another component that is available, not necessarily included, it’s an add-on item, but is available with AP Agility that makes it kind of unique, is there are out-of-the-box ERP connectors available.

These will manage the import and export of the master vendor data, PO data, GL data, et cetera, from the ERP and the export of the invoice data back to the ERP, without flat file transfers, this is all done via web services and with minimal configuration.

We install the ERP connector and it has been built to already interface with the ERP i