Content Management with Infor Lawson

With Infor Lawson, your organization is able to track, manage, and measure its most important back office and administrative data. However, most organizations still process and maintain large amounts of physical documents and records that may contain important information. Implementing effective Enterprise Content Management solutions for document and record intensive workflows can help unlock that data and simplify your organization’s records management and retention.

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Keith Wayland:
We appreciate you taking the time to join this webinar, I think it is our 23rd out of 34 or something of that nature. We have two folks here from our Kansas City office, part of our Content Process Automation team, which specializes in a whole host of solutions, including Brainware, Perceptive, formerly known as ImageNow, Hyland OnBase, Kofax TotalAgility, ReadSoft, to name a few.

And they’re gonna talk about how you can integrate these various ECM solutions with Infor Lawson to improve your business processes. Before I hand off to them, two quick housekeeping items. One is, we encourage questions, ask away. My colleague, Mr. Michael Hopkins will ask throughout the presentation. Second is, we will be recording this session. Takes us a couple of days to get it ready and rendered, but once we have it uploaded, we will email you the link and you can re-watch and share.

And with that, I give you Mr. Ben Nichols and Mr. Alex Lindsey.

Alex Lindsey:
Thank you very much, Keith. Like he said, we are going to be talking a little bit today about content management with Infor Lawson and what does that essentially mean? So we’re gonna take a mile eye view of what’s going on in the content world and how you can get it working with Lawson.

This is the last for the Content Process Automation team, the last webinar of this series for us. We will be back in February doing a whole lot more, I’m really excited about the content we have coming up in those.

And to kind of swing into things, I’ll just introduce myself, my name is Alex Lindsey. I’m a senior solutions architect with RPI Consultants. I’ve got over seven years’ experience working in the ECM space as well as some other OCR and automation workflow softwares as well including Kofax TotalAgility. I’m also a whiskey distiller.

Ben Nichols:
Hi guys, I’m Ben Nichols. I’ve been working with RPI for a little bit now and I’ve got four plus years’ experience designing, implementing, scoping out both best practice solutions and custom business process solutions within a wide variety of industries. A lot of the time I like to focus on accounts payable automation with inside of Infor. And then I also have experience in background working with third party ECM solutions as well.

So a little bit about today, we’re gonna be chatting about our RPI consultants, learn a little bit more about our business and what we do. Then we’ll jump in and chat about what is content management and how it can impact your organization. We’ll discuss the differences between document imaging versus enterprise content strategy. And then we’ll chat about integrated software solutions and we’ll wrap up with some questions and some answers.

Alex Lindsey:
So, a little bit about RPI Consultants. We have over 80 full-time consultants, project managers, technical architects, very smart people spread across three offices. Here in Baltimore, Tampa and then Kansas City, Missouri where Ben and I hail from. If you need technical expertise in any of these software suites, we are partners with all of these, with Hyland. That includes Perceptive, OnBase, Brainware as well as Kofax, ReadSoft and Infor Lawson.

We run the gambit of services, upgrades, managed services, solution designs, anything that you want to explore, we can do that. We are also an authorized ECM partner. We are a service provider for Perceptive content and OnBase by Hyland. And that includes implementations, upgrades, we do a lot of health checks. We love to come in because there is such a robust client footprint of people across the country that have these ECMs, that have had them for years. It’s always great to have a health check and have a resource like Ben or myself come in and look under the hood and find ways and take feedback from everyone to see what they wanna improve on.

And that covers the gambit. Really, ECMs can be used in any kind of industry, manufacturing, human resources, AP and clinical as well.

Ben Nichols:
All right, so we also a certified Infor Lawson Alliance partner. We specialize in industries such as healthcare, public sector, commercial businesses and a wide variety of other industries as well. Our solution expertise includes financials, which is AP and financial process automation. And then we also have background and experience within the side of human resources, supply chain management and then more specifically, version 11 CloudSuite. And we’ve had a lot of customers expressing interest and looking forward to those next updates with inside of the Lawson platform, and we’ve had the opportunity to work with some customers implementing their version 11 CloudSuite environments.

Additionally, we have experience in payroll and technical services, and that’s not the only industries and the only expertise, but that’s some of our top ones.

So we’ll be talking a little bit now about what content management and some of the differences between content management as a document imaging repository or content management from an enterprise content strategy. So, first off, we really want you to be content with your content, right? S