Perceptive Content / ImageNow Accounts Payable (AP) eForm

Many Perceptive Content / ImageNow customers with Accounts Payable solutions are familiar with the AP eForm. The AP eForm is a productized form that allows AP Processors to input, review, and validate invoice data including header data, line item matching, and GL coding. There are a lot of data validation and user interface customizations available for the AP eForm that require very little coding or technical knowledge.

In this Office Hours, RPI Consultants provides live demonstrations and interactive Q&A for the AP eForm, including customizations, tips, and tricks.


Alex Lindsey:
Hello, everyone and welcome to Webinar Wednesday. Not really Webinar Wednesday sorry, force of habit. Getting on in front of the cam here. Let’s see, there we are. That’s my body. Okay, so today we are going to be talking about the Perceptive Content, AP invoice eForm. How you guys use it, we’re going to do a general run through. And again, thank you guys for attending. I know we’re all in kind of a weird state with the quarantine and things like that. But you honestly gave me an excuse to not wear sweatpants today, so we’re going to roll with that. Just a reminder, so this is an Office Hours, we will basically leave this open to questions for you guys as you go through. On the GoToWebinar you have a hand raising icon that you could do to raise a hand and I can unmute you, to ask questions or you can just type