Office Hours: ImageNow Tasks

Perceptive Content / ImageNow Tasks is a versatile feature that allows you to assign user driven actions to ImageNow content and documents. Tasks can be assigned to require a user to review a document, acknowledge they’ve reviewed the document, complete some information, or even approve/deny content. The use cases are broad, but include some standard applications such as Invoice Approvals, Chart Deficiency Tracking, and Employee On-boarding.


Alex Lindsey:

Hello everyone. Welcome to RPI Office Hours. Today we’re going to be talking about ImageNow Tasks or Perceptive Content Tasks, however you guys want to label it. We’ll get this stuff out of the way here.

A few housekeeping items to keep in mind today. We can distribute this afterwards if you guys want to see this and reference it in the future. This is supposed to be very interactive but really fun, especially before the holidays. So if you have any questions, feel free to use the webinar chat to log any questions or raise your hand or if you’d actually like to get on the phone and ask us some questions you can do that and we can kind of unmute you and we can have dialogue there.

Ultimately, we’re going to be just doing a walkthrough demo of ImageNow Tasks. So, first and foremost, what are they? I guess I should probably mention