ImageNow 7.4 Release Review

Hyland recently released Perceptive Content (ImageNow) 7.4 and RPI Consultants is here to provide a review of this release, including major fixes and functionality, technical specifications, and upgrade considerations.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Webinar Wednesday. Today we are going to be talking about Perceptive Content Foundation EP 1, or as you may kind of already perceive to think about it, ImageNow 7.4. So Hyland just released this and we really just wanted to cover with all of you people out there what the new enhancements are going to be, what that’s going to look like, what the release strategy is, and maybe give you guys some pointers on how you can kind of prepare yourselves to move forward with the latest version of Perceptive Content.

A few housekeeping items before we get started. First and foremost, this recording, this video will be recorded, and we will post this onto our sites, onto YouTube as well for you guys to view and to share. For those of you attending today, we’ll provide a little transcript, a copy of this presentation. If y