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AP Automation Scorecard

For a limited time only, RPI Consultants is offering a free service to any organization that wants to better understand how their Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing workflows are impacting the bottom line.

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Accounts Payable & Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is a huge and costly function of any Accounts Payable department. With invoices being received in various formats, many with non-standard coding, matching, or processing requirements for different vendors, companies spend a huge amount of money and time just to make sure they can procure the products and services they need to operate.

AP Automation for Invoice Processing

The burden of invoice processing can be lessened with the implementation of AP Automation solutions, including standard enterprise technology such as ERPs, but also with Enterprise Management systems for invoice management and archive, and Intelligent Data Capture engines for automatic data extraction and validation.

Whether your organization has implemented some of these products and solutions or not, there may still be significant opportunities to continue reducing processing costs per invoice while also getting invoices paid faster.

AP Automation Score Card

Based on nearly two decades of experience delivering cutting edge AP Automation solutions, RPI Consultants is offering a free evaluation with a detailed AP Automation Scorecard that will show you how much your organization actually spends on processing invoices.

How it Works and What You’ll Get

One of RPI’s senior level AP Automation consultants will meet with members of your AP and IT teams, as well as request high level information and data about your invoice processing costs and workflows.

Based on the information gathered, the consultant will score each functional area within your Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing workflow. These ratings will include observations and notes for support.

In addition to the scorecard, the consultant will also help determine your average processing cost per invoice. This is an important measurement to consider as invoice volume grows with your company, and when evaluating any potential investments in process or AP Automation technology.

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More About RPI Consultants

Partnering with industry leading enterprise technology providers, including Infor Lawson, Kofax, and Hyland, RPI Consultants is an leader in ERP, ECM, Intelligent Data Capture, and business process automation technology consulting, with a deep specialization in AP Automation.