RPI’s Imaging Practice is Now the Content & Process Automation Team

The Imaging Strategy & Technical Services (ISTS) practice is now known as the Content & Process Automation (CPA) team, reflecting the changes in our clients’ needs and our partners’ technology offerings.

Baltimore, Maryland // Tuesday, October 2, 2018 // https://www.rpic.com/ – Over the past 20 years RPI has become known for helping clients transform critical business processes and workflows into streamlined digital solutions. The Imaging Strategy & Technical Services (ISTS) team was created to close the gap between digital processes and the physical content that drove them, such as physical documents.

Initially, the ISTS team focused almost exclusively on the implementation of ImageNow (now, Perceptive Content) and Kofax KTM to capture, index, and process important documents and content. As new technology and vendors became available, the ISTS team expanded support for additional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms, including OnBase by Hyland, Kofax, Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax Kapow, and ReadSoft in addition to RPI’s Yoga suite of products.

These products were designed to capture and process unstructured content alongside business systems, including ERPs. As technology continues to change and products like intelligent data capture and robotic process automation (RPA) become more reliable and cost effective, content storage is a single piece of a much larger automation strategy for our clients.

The evolution is obvious. Document imaging, and later ECM, was designed to remove paper from business processes. As technology becomes available that can further reduce or eliminate resource intensive and error-prone tasks like data entry and processing, it’s easier for our clients to measure a positive return on investment. RPI recognized this opportunity early and has developed a strong team that’s well versed in products like Kofax TotalAgility for intelligent data capture and Kofax Kapow for robotic process automation.

While ECM and document imaging will almost always be a vital component of our clients’ enterprise architecture, and will remain an important part of our team’s competencies and capabilities, we recognize that the true value of our services are in content management and business process automation solutions. To help current and prospective clients better understand that proposition, we will now market our team as providers of Content and Process Automation (CPA).

The CPA team will continue to focus on the same core technologies, including Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Brainware, OnBase, Kofax, and ReadSoft, and we will continue working to enhance these products with proprietary connectors and tools through our YogaTM Flexible Software Suite, including Yoga DocsTM, Yoga DashboardTM, Yoga FormsTM, Yoga SMSTM, Yoga CaptureTM, Yoga LinkTM, and Yoga ConnectTM.

As the Content and Process Automation team we are renewing our commitment to helping clients fully automate important business processes through the utilization of existing software, new software, and custom development, combined with our team’s deep industry and solution knowledge and experience. We look forward to sharing this message with new and existing clients, and helping reframe enterprise software solutions.

About RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants is a privately held professional services organization with nearly two decades of experience supporting ERP and ECM products and solutions, including Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax, and OnBase. RPI Consultants is based out of Baltimore, MD, with additional offices in Tampa, FL and Kansas City, MO. For more information, please visit www.rpic.com.

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