New Solutions for the New Normal

Presented by Chris Huff (Chief Strategy Officer for Kofax), Geoff Lilienfeld (Partner at RPI Consultants) and Chad Tucker (Manager for Solution Engineering for RPI Consultants).

Local, state, and company mandated quarantines for non-essential workers are creating huge challenges for organizations that need to keep business moving and keep employees working through the public health crisis. Many back office and administrative employees are dependent on physical documents, forms, and access to software that is only available at the office.

Cloud-based and intelligent automation solutions have never been more important to help businesses react quickly and keep business moving. Even in the current public health crisis, there are many process changes and software solutions that can be deployed rapidly to meet the challenges of our New Normal today and lay a foundation for the future.

In this webinar, thought leaders from Kofax and RPI Consultants provide recommendations, solutions, and services that can be deployed rapidly to meet your current challenges, safe guard against future uncertainty, and create value for your business when we’re back to business-as-usual.

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