Outsource your AP Check Runs

Outsourcing your weekly Accounts Payable Check Runs reduces redundant manual work while providing business and operations continuity with employees working from home.

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How are your Vendors Getting Paid?

The COVID-19 public health crisis has created new challenges across nearly functional and technical team in the organization, especially those dependent on physical documents and manual tasks and activities – such as your daily or weekly check runs.

Getting vendors paid ensures that critical goods and services continue to flow into the business, allowing you to keep doing business. If you’re still running checks in the office every week, you are probably scrambling to figure out how to keep getting them paid. Either you need you ask employees to ignore public health orders, and in doing so risk their own health, to go into the office to run checks – or the checks just don’t get printed.

Your vendors are likely being understanding about delays right now, but that grace period will only last so long. Their businesses depend on invoices getting paid and it’s in your best interest to make sure your vendors have the resources to keep supplying your business.

Outsourcing AP Check Runs

With nearly two decades of experience with Accounts Payable workflows in Infor (Lawson) and other financial systems, RPI Consultants can start working immediately to take responsibility for processing payments, running checks, completing check reconciliation, and mailing. Outsourcing your AP Check Runs to us meets the new challenges of today but also creates efficiencies for your business long term.

  • Protect employees’ health by allowing them to stay at home
  • Comply with local, state, and company mandated quarantines
  • Reduce redundant, manual work for employees when they return

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Especially for Infor (Lawson) customers, RPI Consultants can get started immediately to accept your Electronic Payment Creation files (AP161) and map data to check print files. We will complete reconciliation between the print and the payment files, as well as check for any special processing rules or requirements. RPI Consultants will then print and mail checks, keeping your vendors paid on time and protecting your supply chain.

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Outsource AP Check Runs

Protect your employees’ health and get your vendors paid by outsourcing your AP Check Runs.

AP Automation with RPI Consultants

RPI Consultants has been working with large enterprise organizations since 1999 to reduce costs and approve efficiency for Accounts Payable workflows through the intelligent implementation of technology and software solutions. Partnering with the industry’s leading software providers, RPI Consultants¬†has the right combination of industry, functional, and technology expertise to help you automate your invoice processing workflows.

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RPI Consultants is an industry leader in Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Process Automation technical consulting services. RPI has extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting Infor Lawson, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), Kofax, OnBase by Hyland, and Brainware by Hyland (formerly Perceptive Intelligent Capture).

RPI provides professional and technical services for new installations and upgrades, solution and technical health checks, new solution designs and implementations, custom development and system integrations, custom training,  and environment and product migrations. RPI is also an authorized license reseller. For more information about RPI Consultants, including license and service quotes, product demonstrations, or general inquiries, visit www.rpic.com/contact.

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