Meet the Unicorn

A Maverick, a Sage, a Modern All Things Tech Prophet

A lifelong obsession and a very distinctive hairstyle may have been an inspiration, but his unique insights, thoughtful analysis, and ability to predict the future of all things tech are the real reasons his clients call Michael Grace the Tech Pro Unicorn – and it’s why RPI Consultants is proud to have him on our team.

Michael is a technology thought leader who speaks and writes about how organizations and even entire industries should transform the way they do business by leveraging innovative new technologies. He specializes in Digital Transformation, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Michael has deep experience in the Healthcare and Finance industries, including project work with Dignity Health, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Deloitte, and The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Under his aptly earned pen name and alter-ego, the Tech Pro Unicorn, regularly posts blogs and podcasts exclusively available through RPI Consultants. This content include discussions with industry leaders, roundtable conversations with clients and consultants, and his best advice for preparing for the future.

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