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Advanced Data Capture

“Perhaps nothing to date has presented AP departments the transformational opportunity afforded by Advanced Data Capture, a solution that virtually eliminates data entry.”

by Brian Rosenberg

Case Study: AP Department

“SCLHS leadership saw significant benefit to standardizing accounts payable practices. Principal objectives were to obtain better control over cash flow, improve relationships with vendors, implement advanced technologies, support/enforce supply chain initiatives, and reduce the amount of staff performing non-patient related functions at the hospitals.”

Case Study: AP Imaging Workflow

“In order to effectively centralize Accounts Payable, ISC required a robust tool to electronically route invoices for approval at the department level.To accomplish this, RPI leveraged ImageNow eForms to replace invoice entry in PeopleSoft, mimicking virtually all data validation and business logic.”

Case Study: Eliminating Data Entry with Kofax

“RPI and Bon Secours worked together to design a future‐state model that would allow all purchase order invoices to be processed electronically without having to work through a third party exchange. RPI built a solution leveraging Kofax Transformation that extracted invoice data from scanned paper invoices and automatically matched it to purchase order information from Lawson’s Procurement module, allowing for an automated three‐way match to occur.”

Managing Paid Leave

“Research suggests that the key to improvement is for companies to have the ability to accurately capture and report paid leave benefits. In addition, there are a number of best practices that enable companies to control and manage the paid leave benefit problem. Lawson Absence Management can combine technology with best practices to provide a powerful solution to control paid leave benefit costs.”

by Anthony Cox

Preventing Duplicate Payments

“Costly duplicates can be caught early or prevented entirely with some simple improvements in your Accounts Payable operation. The benefits of doing so cannot be understated.”

by Brian Rosenberg


“Regardless of their role, every executive should have an interest in Procure-to-Pay automation, as it can have a significant impact on the bottom line. As a finance leader, addressing P2P will ensure more accurate financial statements, increased profitability, and better controls.”

by Brian Rosenberg

Project Accounting

“The AC module was developed by Lawson to be a flexible, robust sub-ledger, designed to handle the multiple different tracking and reporting requirements of an organization, and to be able to accommodate the conflicting needs of an organization’s users. AC is fully integrated with the other Lawson applications, providing easily accessible real-time information to your project managers and accountants when they need it.”

by Robert Crissman

Purchasing Cards

“Purchasing Cards provide an option that can reduce the workload for both the accounts payable and purchasing departments at essentially no cost to your organization. By reducing the number of transactions being processed, less staff is necessary, leaving remaining personnel to focus on more value-added activities.”

by Elia Cossis and Brian Rosenberg

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