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Work the way you want! Explore Smart Office’s flexible user interface and discover ways to improve your day-to-day routine. Learn how to work more fluidly across Lawson and non-Lawson applications, while creating a work environment customized to your needs.

Scheduled: Tuesday, December 9th at 2:30pm (EST)

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Hark! The Herald ISS SINGS

Join us for a discussion around project approach, suggested timeline and technical considerations for organizations looking to implement Infor Security Services (ISS) featuring project planning, installation, testing, LDAP cleanup, federating systems, and go live deployment.  This presentation is aimed at organizations using Lawson 9.0.1 or Lawson 10 looking to deploy ISS for federation with Landmark or simply stand-alone to meet Infor recommended best practices for security management.  Come get all the expert tips that aren’t outlined in the installation docs!

Scheduled: Wednesday, December 10th at 2:30pm (EST)

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Rockin’ Around the Lawson 10x Differences Tree

Infor 10x delivers significant advances in both usability and functionality, allowing you to solve old problems in new ways. Collaboration and mobile capabilities are just a part of the vision. RPI details some of the differences between Lawson 9 and Infor Lawson 10.

Financials Differences at 1:00pm (EST)Click Here to Register.

Procurement Differences at 2:00pm (EST) - Click Here to Register.

HCM Differences at 3:00pm (EST) - Click Here to Register.

All Scheduled for: Thursday, December 11th

Lawson 10x Technical is Coming to Town

Richard Stout, RPI Partner and senior technical consultant, shares our experiences and lessons learned from multiple customers now live on v10 with a focus on Lawson Tech. Highlights include server environment/architecture, Ming.le/SharePoint integration with Portal, Landmark, IPA, and ISS. We’ll discuss decision points such as planning the 10x server environment and upgrade approach. Please submit questions in advance, we’ll answer them live.

Scheduled: Thursday, December 11th at 4:00pm (EST)

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