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Imagine deploying an ImageNow integrated web-based e-form with dynamic drop-downs, SQL queries into databases, and API calls to third party applications in less than an hour. Proforma allows you to do just that and without any programmatic development.

Upon submission of the form, index values and custom properties can be populated in ImageNow while the image of the form sits in a workflow queue. A native ImageNow eForm can be populated from the custom properties and routed alongside the image of the original.

Proforma does everything you’ve dreamed of a web-based e-form doing and then some!

Scheduled: Wednesday, October 9th at 2:00pm (EDT)

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Capital Expenditure Approvals (ImageNow)

From the original capital expenditure request submitted from a remote location to executive approval based on dollar thresholds and other factors, it’s important that requests have a clear path to approval.  Through the use of ImageNow, capital expenditure requests are submitted online and follow a clear but dynamic path which can ultimately end with Lawson or another ERP.

Scheduled: Thursday, October 16th at 2:00pm (EDT)

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Unleash the Power of EMSS

Human Resource departments invest significant time fielding calls, updating basic information on employee and benefit records, and assisting department managers throughout the hiring and review process. Lawson’s Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service modules offer robust functionality that allow employees to review, modify, and act on their personal Human Resource data from a single online access point, streamlining everyday HR activities and significantly reducing the administrative burden of data upkeep on the organization.

Scheduled: Tuesday, October 21st at 2:30pm (EDT)

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Infor Lawson 10x Technical – Sharing Our Experience and Q&A

Richard Stout, RPI Partner and senior technical consultant, shares our experiences and lessons learned from multiple customers now live on v10 with a focus on Lawson Tech. Highlights include server environment/architecture, Ming.le/SharePoint integration with Portal, Landmark, IPA, and ISS. We’ll discuss decision points such as planning the 10x server environment and upgrade approach. Please submit questions in advance, we’ll answer them live.

Scheduled: Wednesday, October 22nd at 2:30pm (EDT)

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What’s Hoppy in IPA – Oktoberfest

Join us for an updated brew of our Hoppy in IPA webinar with even more new features and double the hops!  Learn about the cool new stuff in Infor Process Automation, including a new central command center/administrative interface, improved developer tools, and an enhanced approver experience. This presentation is for System Administrators and Flow Developers. Beer nerds welcome!

Scheduled: Thursday, October 23rd at 2:30pm (EDT)

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Invoice Matching: Best Practices

Attendees will learn Best Practices for Lawson Invoice Matching to ensure the highest level of quality and throughput. Learn how to best leverage built-in Lawson functionality such as PO Cost Messaging and Chargebacks, the potential time savings behind Smart Reconciliation, the best way to setup tolerances, and how to best handle PO Invoice issues that Lawson is not designed to resolve, such as missing PO numbers and canceled PO lines.

Scheduled: Thursday, November 6th at 2:30pm (EDT)

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