Webinar Schedule

Note: Webinars listed in calendar order.

Join RPI for our Summer Classic 2015!

Get ready for some summertime fun! Join us on Friday, July 31st for a day-long celebration of all that’s hot with Lawson. We’re getting our floats all lined up. Sign up for individual webinars or go for the whole parade.

Get Out of the Sun and Get Into the Cloud

Ready for a little shade? Learn about the differences between the cloud suite, Upgrade X and Infor’s SaaS model, and discuss whether these are good fits for your organization.

Scheduled at 11:00am (EDT) Register Here

Sail Away with Global HR

Stuck on HCM version 9? Don’t be the last one left on the island. We’ll answer your burning questions about Global HR and Talent Management.

Scheduled at 1:00pm (EDT) Register Here

Advanced 10x – One Bite at a Time

There’s a lot to sink your teeth into in this slice of the afternoon. Join us for a cool and crisp technical session filled with decision points essential to anyone on their way to 10. Juicy highlights include server environment/architecture, Ming.le/SharePoint integration with Portal, Landmark, IPA, and ISS.

Scheduled at 2:30pm (EDT) Register Here

Fun in the Sun with Xi!

Summer is here. Infor Xi is coming. Bask in it! Finish the day with this review of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in this exciting edition of Lawson 11.

Scheduled at 4:00pm (EDT) Register Here


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