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Infor 10 differences – hcm, scm, and finance

Infor 10x delivers significant advances in both usability and functionality, allowing you to solve old problems in new ways. Collaboration and mobile capabilities are just a part of the vision. RPI details some of the differences between Lawson 9 and Infor Lawson 10.

Infor V10 HCM Differences @ 1:00PM (EDT) - Register Here

Scheduled: Thursday, August 28th

Infor V10 SCM Differences @ 2:00PM (EDT) - Register Here

Scheduled: Thursday, August 21st

Infor V10 Finance Differences @ 3:00PM (EDT) - Register Here

Scheduled: Thursday, August 21st

Leveraging Kronos Advance Scheduler

Learn how to take your Kronos Advance Scheduler into the future. You will see how use volume and labor forecasting with your Kronos Advance Scheduler. Time off request, open shift options, navigator views, auto scheduling, and many other features will be highlighted. Don’t wait to see how you can use your Kronos Advance Scheduler to build your business for the future.

Scheduled: Wednesday, September 10th at 2:30pm (EDT)

Register Here

Scheduled: Thursday, September 25th at 2:30pm (EDT)

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Lawson Security represents a robust improvement over LAUA.  The benefits include significantly enhanced capabilities, streamlined maintenance and robust reporting.  However, the transition from LAUA to Lawson Security can be a challenging undertaking and can entail a considerable effort if not planned and executed properly.  The key to a successful security migration is to invest the time up front to fully gather security requirements and design the right model to ensure that benefits are maximized and efforts associated with building, testing and implementation are minimized.

Scheduled: Wednesday, September 24th at 2:30pm (EDT)

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